Sharing some of my beach front maternity photos form photo shoot in Santa Cruz beach.

I must confess: this particular maternity photo session is one of my favorite for number of reasons. One is, I always look forward to spend some of those perfect early summer days on a sand at my favorite beaches in Bay Area.

The family I worked with in this photo shoot contacted me at my Santa Clara studio in search of a Bay Area photographer for ocean front maternity photos.  Future mom and dad had an image of a perfect natural outdoor photo shoot in mind, like the one they planned for their wedding day. However, the capricious nature of the weather changed the plans filling their special day with never-ending rain leaving no chances for the perfect photo session.  With setting a maternity photo shoot  we had advantage of choosing the day, the place…and the weather.  After not much consideration we collectively decided on Santa Cruz Beach, one of my favorite locations for family and maternity photo sessions.

We decided on minimum props allowing beautiful beach sunset to become the perfect canvas. One of my studio most requested dresses for maternity photo shoots the future momma wore flown perfectly in faint ocean breeze, and it seemed that nature redeemed itself. The session went effortlessly resulting in lots of positive emotions and beautiful photos.

To my great joy I had a pleasure to see this family once again, this time with their newest addition: a precious little baby boy.  We had a family newborn  photo shoot with use of a few of my studio cutest newborn props. This day became another one of my happiest and most fulfilling days as a photographer: new parents with faces aglow with endless love and joy for their little one and the baby: the cutest, cuddliest and the sweetest little gift life can offer…