What do you do when you’ve just given birth to a precious angel and you wish to transform every feeling and moment into eternal memories while having mother nature as a canvas? Book an outdoor newborn photoshoot, of course! Newborn sessions can and have been done outdoors, and the results are worth it.


I am a newborn photographer, located and operating in beautiful Orange County, and I will be more than happy to capture the short-lived moments of your newborn baby still budding and bright as a flower. The outdoors are one of the best places to have a newborn photoshoot, where you and your little loved one are surrounded by the beauty and magic of nature. There are several locations to choose from among alluring spots in Orange County, including the most favored park in Irvine. I understand if your concerns about the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic make you want to reconsider having a stranger photograph your baby.  I assure you that you can set your mind at ease. Protecting my tiny clients and their families is my number one priority!  During the session, I will wear a mask, and because most shoots are done with long-focus lenses, keeping an appropriate distance will not be an issue at all. Yes, we are all worried about COVID-19, nonetheless, your newborn baby photo shoot is not one you want to miss, so book a session sooner rather than later! You will not be disappointed by the results.


Capture the precious moments of your little baby before they are all grown up with one of these newborn photoshoots to put in a photo book you’ll look back on and smile. The album will be one that you can show your newborn when he or she is older. It’ll bring back the cherished memories captured in the eternity of photographs; a true treasure for the ages.